Monday, March 28, 2011

Princess Mononoke reveiw

I just downloaded a whole bunch of anime and as I watch them I am going to try and review them.

Princess Mononoke came out in 1997 and is a Miyazaki classic and is forth highest grossing anime movie in japan ever(i think).

It starts out in old time'y japan like a lot of anime movies do. Then a demon boar attacks a village and then a youngish guy saves every one. the end....... ok I'm lying thats like the first five minutes.

Ok no more dicking around.

This is a fantastic anime movie and is most likely one of the best ever. Telling an interesting story with endearing and well developed characters is the essences of what Miyazaki is know for, and toss in a message about conservation and you got a hit. 

im gonna make them longer in the future 

pokemon syndrome

I have had pokemon black since it came out, and I just beat the elite 4/N.  I like to take my time and I never rush through it. when I fight a gym leader or something I love just destroying them and that takes a lot of time and doing it this way seems to just destroy any sense of a social life.  One thing that i find fun is playing at work.  I think that it is so much fun getting payed to play a video game. (insert evil laugh here)